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November 27, 2009

Assorted Comments

From “Preparing For the Blog-Off” site:

Hi Ellen:

Great start you have here. I don’t have suggestions off the top of my head that are useful other than maybe a theme about Baby Boomers eating their young because Social Security and Medicare dry up? OK, see what I mean not very useful. Anyway, good luck to you.


I do not know about clams in Thailand but something on angry Baby Boomers sounds great!


Evil Cougar. Savvy and snarky. Love it! Call Courtney Cox’s agent. Seek product placement on her Fall TV pilot. :)


You got me to click!


Life is a bit about experiments and risk taking. If one does not attempt to take such actions, one will soon fade into oblivion. Interesting stuff will certainly bring me back here. All the best!


Corpse in gym locker would get a click from just about anyone!

I’d also read some blogs about your tabloid days and their relevance to today.


Ellen, the real question is: who in the Administration did the Guru know to get a gym locker big enough to hold a corpse?

More to the point: the Blog-off demonstrates that social media has become, well, media – just another communication channel that is gradually becoming owned and operated by marketers for the purpose of marketing.

If social media was just social, there’d be no discussion of SEO; no discussion of monetizing blogs, tweets, faces and all the rest; no media kit selling an audience to advertisers. I don’t mean to imply this is a bad thing. Probably just a case of the free market trying to handle activities that incur costs. I like having new choices for information and entertainment (anyone remember the “600 cable TV channels” we were supposed to be watching?).

And so . . . a marketing idea: use “traditional” media – get the news out about you (an old person – i.e., over age 25) fighting the good fight against all those 20- and 30-somethings who think they invented the Internet (it was the DOD, after all). It’s a battle of information (and experience, thoughtfulness and education) vs. hipness. Iron Butterfly vs. Lady Gaga – a perfect slant for a slow news day.

Bob S.

Baby Boomers as modern history’s Angriest Generation or should it be “Truly, The Angriest Generation Ever” ?


Good luck McCougar!


Ellen, My birthday is Monday so we will be entrants hand-in-hand. This is a brave thing you are doing. I tried to blog on my group’s website and I was totally a bust. Maybe you will give me the courage to try again. Good luck


I like the idea of humorous blogs or headlines. The more off-the-wall the better.

For example:

President Obama announces plans to tax clean air. Those who cannot pay will be forced to smoke.

Tuna spotted off Chinese coast having a party. Spokes-Tuna “Charley” says they’re celebrating the success of swine flu virus being blamed on pigs. Tuna scientists working on a sequel to be blamed on cows, lambs, and calamari.

Serious subjects you should discuss are:

Wealth disparity
New age billionaires
Socialization versus nationalization



Great headline . .got me to click and read the whole thing. Keep up the wonderful work.

Jeff S.

Hilarious Ellen! I was also curious about just how one gets a locker big enough to hold a body in. . . good luck with the bloggin!

Ann Lia

Ellen- Way to go! I’m rooting for you to win this one.


You’re going to do great Ellen!


Ellen, I would love to help you win!

I think that kinky sex with chocolate and adorable puppies is a great entrant. But let me know what you’d like me to do to help. I’d be thrilled to see you Blog Off Queen.


Love the headline! Just had to click on it, since it was in the Ivy League Linked In roundup.


Given that something like 80% of all web searches are for pornography, you simply can’t go wrong with a header like “Kinky Sex”.

If I were you, and given your theme of the Angiest Generation (which I think is dead on!), I’d go for the three topics that are guaranteed to make Baby Boomers most pissed/interested/excited:


Regards and good luck.


Had to click to find out if the Baby Boomer writer was exploring more delectable things. . . nice topic. Go, Ellen!


I like the Corpse headline. It is funny but pointed. I think you will go far.

P.S. I will post some of your blogs to the Social Media Sites.


Hi Ellen,

I find the Kinky Sex headline too confusing.

All three items are fabulous, but instead of adding energy to each other, each one carries the mind in an opposing direction. Chocolate kills dogs, and I don’t even want to know what puppies have to do with sex. I would see the headline and be afraid the article would be confusing and then pass.

Good luck with the Blog Off. I’m sure it’s a great way to gather traffic, but Lord only knows what it all means.


You got my attention! I look forward to seeing the Evil Cougar in you come out in your blogs!


Dear Ellen,

If you ever publish any stories on human resources, I would love to reprint them on my site. You are a wonderful writer!


Hi, Ellen,

May you indeed be the next Blog Queen.

I too am trying to get a handle on how exactly to navigate all of these sites which are suddenly all vying for our attention, like Linkedin, Plaxo, Twitter, and Facebook.

I love the Kinky Sex title. And who can resist puppies? Or chocolate? Perhaps champagne could also get attention. My hat is off to you, and I wish you every success!


Cool! Kinky sex while eating chocolate – and with puppies? But I prefer barnyard animals and a midget with a taser.


Great read!


Love the title Kinky Sex and Chocolate Truffles. But somehow adding the Adorable Puppies takes the imagination, for me, down a slippery slope to a dark place. Don’t like dark places. . . doesn’t feel good.


Greetings, Ellen,

Well, I read it, but not so much because of the headline, but more because you sent it. Although I can see why it would get attention. You will do well in the Blog-off.


We are living in precarious times, when a cat can have 500K followers on Twitter.

Content is king, but interaction is the magic bullet that can launch you to the top. Create a hashtag for those of us on Twitter to mark your blog with when we tweet. Add a video/ visual element. Add an action element as well.

As an “Evil Cougar” you may be in a unique position to add some historical perspective, something many Gen Y’s lack or have no appreciation for.

Many things that are happening now have happened in the past or might have even been predicted/hinted at in movies (See “Three Days of the Condor” as an example.)

I wish you all the luck – and hope you find as I have that the harder I work, the luckier I seem to be.


Followed this from Linked In. Funny stuff!

P.S. Evil Cougar?


I think there’s a double doorway to your postings. That’s good, right?

Re your comment about posting in multiple locations, have you tried Not for the full blog (only 140 characters), but you can certainly announce new blog updates simultaneously on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, WordPress and a host of other social media sites. Check it out.

Best of luck with your contest.


Hi, Ellen.

No matter who wins, you’re the most deserving! I loved what I read and will pass it along to other members of my network.

I guess I must be a kinky Baby Boomer who loves chocolate, dogs and whatever else was in your title. Have a great time with this contest and you definitely have my vote!


Well the headline certainly got my attention! Not sure if that makes me ‘normal’ or ‘kinky’. Anyway, happy to help. Let me know what I have to do.


Clever Ellen – and good luck with the contest!

If the idea is to simply maximise the number of hits, maybe go with the top general search topics. If you want quality hits (i.e. real readers or if referrals/RTs are important )then I guess you have to connect the heading to the post – something funny or topical/newsy?


This is a reality show I might actually watch. Winner gets their job back but has to pay 50% of salary and overpaid bonus to losers!

Scott B.

It should be an interesting contest.

One group will be made up of the timid souls that got laid off because they were so conservative, they never built any business. They’ll probably never get out of the starting gate.

The other team will be the group that was so aggressive, they either burst the bubble or got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Good luck in ever getting this group to form a team and do anything together.

I agree with Scott that I don’t usually watch reality shows, but this one could be interesting.


If I had some fresh peaches and wanted to have a romantic night, I would definitely read this one!

Scott A.

I like peaches and I like men, but maybe not together, though Scott does urge our minds to wander with his reply. And I am the first to answer “Just peachy!” when people ask me how I am.

Now, I think I’ll go cut up a peach for a midnight snack!


Women are great communicators, and mature women (like us!) have great wisdom to communicate. That may not result in SEO optimization, but it sure works out well in real life, real world optimization, doesn’t it!

PS: I love that my husband smells like cinnamon after a shower!


I’d rather see the headline “College Son’s laundry Found to be source of Swine Flu!”


I take it you’re going for the Ham connection? ‘Ham’sters – pork, etc. Funny. May get some traction.


Do you think the title of my seminar series, “Doctors: Greedy, Cheap and Lazy” fits the model of the Angry Boomer?

I’d enter a Blog-Off, if a botox treatment were one of the prizes.


You have my vote for the catch-phrase. Things haven’t worked out quite as they were supposed to for us Baby Boomers, and I’m seriously pissed.

Bob B.

Very amusing titles. You truly deserve to get win by creativity alone. Best wishes!


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