Ellen Brandt, Ph.D. is an Ivy League-educated journalist, scholar, and media entrepreneur.

For her Linked In profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ellenbbrandtphd

For about 50 examples of her more than 3,000 magazine articles: http://glngroup.com/ebb/index.html

For her series, Baby Boomers-The Angriest Generation: http://angriestgeneration.wordpress.com

For her newest series, The Rest of U.S., for and about Centrists: http://newcentristera.wordpress.com

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Sherrie Mathieson Says:


    I love your blog and am considering linking.

    I’d love my readers to know about you.
    Do you post your favorite links as well?

    • ellenbrandtphd Says:


      Thank you so much.

      But until the problems with my Twitter Stalker are ironed out, it’s probably better to do per-story links.

      I’m convinced that “Georgian” story about the Twitter blackout was a cover-up. Clearly, it was Agatha-Anne!

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