The World Is Divided

July 2, 2009

 by Ellen Brandt, Ph.D.
In the spirit of interactivity, this little exercise is meant to get you to put on your thinking cap and dig down into your preferences and biases, innate tastes and pet peeves, true likes and true dislikes.
In these enlightened times, nobody much – or at least very few – believe in their heart of hearts and soul of souls that our world is divided into Men and Women, Young and Old, Purple and Green, or Microsoft and Apple.
Rather, we tend to see the global landscape in terms of what we feel is really, truly, deep-down-in-our-guts important to our own worldview, however skewed it may be.
For instance, my friend Georgia, whose delight is flowers and homegrown tomatoes, would surely say “The world is divided into Those Who Garden and The Non-Cultivating – and Uncultivated – Ones Who Don’t.” 
My brother-in-law, on the other hand, whose passion is Fantasy Baseball Leagues, might say, “The world is divided into Those Who Can Pick ‘Em and Non-Team Players.”
While my cousin the ferret fancier – Yes, really – probably thinks, “The world is divided into “Those Who Appreciate Clean, Cuddly, Adorable Little Creatures and Uncouth, Uninformed Ferret-Phobes.” 
Well, how about you?
At the end of a busy day, when you’re drifting off to LaLaLand, which of the myriad petty events and annoyances of the past few hours do you tend to obsess on, grinding your teeth and grumbling, “If only I had said or done that differently – or disemboweled Johnny or Janey So-and-So?”
In your opinion, The World is Divided Into:

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